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Why Boris Won’t Let The UK Out Of Lockdown

I have seen many theories and reasons given for why Prime Minister Boris Johnson doesn’t fully lift the lockdown. I believe none of them show the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. The biggest reason our exhalted leader of North Borea, Kim Jon Son will fight lifting lockdown with everything he’s got is I suggest this, once the people are freed of their enforced house arrest and able to freely communicate with each other (away from the nightly propaganda fear porn of the mainstream media), the government’s narrative for the lockdown will collapse. As you and I have no rights or historical human freedoms left in Covid-19 Britain, this means that he is in a position to wait this one out. He just has to do nothing to win this one. I will show you why as you read on.

Stay Unalert!

Whilst we are locked up, the government is able to easily brainwash us with their propaganda. They are helped in this task by our supposed ‘free’ press and media, but how free is that? Let’s begin by taking a look at this picture of the daily front pages in the UK from this week. This photo was published by UK Column who have provided excellent in depth, independent analysis of the Covid-19 situation as it’s unfolded. They continue to question the unconstitutional changes being made to our country.

Lockdown Free Media

All of the front pages are exactly the same, staying on script with an out of control authoritarian government. You should take note that your government have now become the media’s biggest business partner. Government funded advertising campaigns have filled the void of the drop in revenue caused by the economic devastation of an economy lockdown. I can find no ‘balance’ to be found in their reporting here, they are simply repeating a hypnotic phrase “Stay Alert!”.

The Big Lie

The first trick to any propaganda campaign, is to repeat your lies over and over, and then keep repeating your message. You can see this method has been used through the ages to keep populations under control. For instance, the Nazi Party used it famously in World War II, as the following quote shows…

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Truth & Consequences

The consequences of this lie, the Covid-19 ‘lie’, will be the biggest economic downturn in living memory. We will see millions unemployed, jobs that will never come back, worldwide famine, austerity, increased crime and suicide rates. Above all you will no longer be a ‘free’ human in control of his/her body. You will be mandated by law under threat of force, to be injected with poisonous vaccines. These injections are known to contain things like monkey DNA, chicken embryos and parts of baby foetus. And it won’t be a one-off event and a ‘miraculous’ cure for all. Bill Gates is already openly talking about Pandemic 2. His ‘charitable’ foundation has been estimated to make around $5 TRILLION in vaccines & testing kits from each pandemic.

So what freedoms do we have to fight back against this propaganda campaign, that is destroying years of economic security every day it continues? As is clear, the answer is a big, round zero.


Currently our situation is this…

  • Protest: All protest banned under new UK regulations brought in under the Emergency Powers Act. (see links below)
  • Petition: Change.org have removed petitions that go against Bill Gates diktats, he is one of their major funders. (see links below)
  • Journalism: Silicon Valley owned “private” social media companies censor & remove any comments, evidence or data that go against the government narrative. For instance, even those coming from renowned & peer published Doctors and Epidemiologists. Mainstream media doesn’t give them airtime. (see links below)

Inconvenient Truths

What are some of the inconvenient truths that Boris Johnson wouldn’t want us sharing? If we were free to debate openly with our fellow humans? As you will see with what follows, I think there are some very important ones. Let us begin with the UK Government’s own advice….

High consequence infectious diseases (HCID)

Covid-19 Lockdown Status

In other words, the UK Government’s own advice is that Covid-19 is not a high consequence infectious disease. You will notice that the date is before the disastrous lockdown became implemented across the country. Why have we destroyed our economic future for a disease that even our own Government admit is not highly contagious? I think you should ask yourself why this fact has not been headline news in the mainstream media. Is it because that doesn’t fit with their ‘fear porn’ propaganda narrative?

The Policy Of Lockdown & Social Distancing

Ok, so we have it ‘from the horse’s mouth’ that Covid-19 isn’t a highly infectious disease. We now ask how dangerous it is for those exposed to it. Let’s now take a look at the data that has become available, now that more widespread testing is available. I am not going to show all the studies here, this is just a starting point for you to begin asking the right questions.

Studies on Covid-19 lethality

Covid-19 Hospitalization Rate

This shows you that all of the data originally used to scare you was far from an accurate assessment. Whilst this is not a crime in itself, it absolutely does show that we must rethink the policy of lockdown and social distancing immediately. Now let us move on to the question of timeframes…

How Long Has This Been Going On?

We have talked about Covid-19’s infectiousness and mortality rates, now we will talk about it’s origins. How long has the virus been ‘out there’? The information that follows shows it is much longer than we originally thought.

Coronavirus: France’s first known case ‘was in December’

Covid-19 Patient Zero

I don’t know about you but I find this fascinating taken into consideration with the above points. This information throws a high level of doubt onto the media’s narrative of how infectious Covid-19 is. Similar research from other countries all point to the same fact that the virus has been around longer than they’ve led us to believe. If it has indeed been around longer, the argument for lockdown and social distancing further collapses.

Knowledge Is Power

I have highlighted above just a few of the topics that show how the government and media’s narrative is false and misleading. The time now comes to summarise that information and conclude on a path to take when we (hopefully) relax lockdown & social distancing. I urge you to research this information further and to make your own conclusions, not those of a deceptive narrative from authorities who should know better.

You must consider the following…

Social media companies (Facebook, YouTube etc.) censor research and data from respected and peer review published scientists. They ban “dissenting voices” from social media platforms, which create a virtual echo chamber endlessly repeating the same opinions. In addition, this same mainstream media institution would have called you a “conspiracy theorist” if you’d questioned the existence of WMD’s in Iraq in 2002. It is fair to conclude from this that they are trying to prevent open, free debate and dicussion.

Our historic lockdown and social distancing measures represent the biggest power grab of our basic freedoms in living memory. We do this without parliamentary or democratic debate or scrutiny. Above all we must inform ourselves in our reasoning and aware of all scientific information available. Otherwise we will have given away these precious freedoms in complete ignorance.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Boris Johnson doesn’t want us to debate amongst ourselves. He wants us afraid and cowering in our homes. So afraid that we accept meekly and blindly, the complete removal of our way of life and historic freedoms. At the moment there is no need for him to change course. The nightly government press briefings continue to bombard you with scary death tolls hidden amid misleading propaganda. There are scientists from all over the world who are countering this government’s fear porn narrative, with research and data. It is time for you to start listening.

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