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America – You’re Being Played

The day is arriving. The day when the “exceptional” nation gets to choose it’s new “commander in chief”. That day when the nation that supposedly defines the idea of democracy chooses between the two most unliked candidates ever put forward in a Presidential campaign. It presents itself as a simple choice by the mainstream media. The establishment’s anointed queen-in-waiting from the clan Clinton, or the “anti-establishment” rogue from reality TV, Donald Trump. One of the two must be “fired like a dog” by the American people, but which one will it be?

Here’s what most people have missed, it doesn’t matter…..

America is being played. Donald Trump isn’t running against the establishment, he’s one of their (two) choices. Presidents and Prime Ministers aren’t elected. They get selected by the elite powers who run and control countries and economies via central banks and multi-national corporations. You’ll see this, eventually. If the elite establishment were really “running scared” of him as their controlled media tries to convince you, they would stop him.

Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is no stranger to the White House. Or scandal. Her election will bring in to power the most openly corrupt politician in living history. Her previous eight years within the White House must have told you what to expect from a Clinton Presidency. And as Secretary of State, you have the many thousands of leaked emails that have been released by Wikileaks. You ignore all this at your peril and you deserve every piece of ‘bad luck’ that comes your way.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Consume

Donald John Trump is a long time friend of the Clintons, and in the past heaped praise on both of them. Things are different now, or so you’re told to think. If he wants to help Hillary’s march to the White House, he couldn’t have gone about things any better than he has. His ‘outrageous’ behaviour during the campaign allows Clinton to appear “to the left” of the political spectrum, and allowed her friends in the media to focus on him rather than put any kind of spotlight on her or her policies. “Anyone but him” or “I’m with her” has to really read “I’m being played”.


You can be forgiven for thinking it, if you only take notice of mainstream media, but there are more than two candidates to vote for. In other words you don’t have to vote for either of the two main candidates.

However the best option for US voters in my opinion is the one that will undoubtedly get ignored…


This is actually a rare opportunity to start on a path to real, lasting, true change in electoral politics. We can stop propping up a failed system that continues to serve you up the choice of two people you actively hate. A system that forces you to choose the least worst one. It’s time for you to tell the system you want no more of it. Vote for ‘none of the above’, spoil your ballot and you send the clearest message that neither candidate carries your support or mandate.

Sure, the candidate you hate most will get in this time, but it really doesn’t matter. No one can make America “great” again. It’s problems run too deep already. A debt so huge that it can never pay back. And a world reserve currency (the “petro-dollar”) that is dependent on war and proppped up with guns and arms. America’s problems will only continue to worsen, whoever wins this election.

One outcome of this election is sure, the country will be forever divided whoever wins. If Clinton wins, the policies that have created a “Trump” that has gained such wide support will continue to grow. This will eventually create a “Trump 2.0”. Similarly if Trump wins, his victory will start a similar division to what we see here in the UK with Brexit’s victory in the recent EU referendum. Both sides will blame the other for every problem that inevitably arises.

Make A Difference

Just one person voting “none of the above” will not make a noticeable difference. But if a million people did? Or ten million? When President Trump or Clinton tell the electorate that they have the popular mandate of the people during the next political disaster, their power will have been diminished. Continue along that path and eventually the “elite” who offer you up their two selections (or puppets) to vote for every 4 years, would have to change their game. And then we will get something more closely resembling democracy…

The wonderful artwork featured in this article is from the artist Hal Hefner. To see more or buy some of his work click here

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